AUBI MUNDO is much more than a blog. We are a platform that connects strong, up-and-coming fashion designers from all over the world. This is the start of a more tangibly connected world through the art of storytelling, design, & fashion. 

Building a community, connecting designers and consumers from all over the world, AUBI MUNDO is a hub for anyone who enjoys fashion, learning about different cultures, and traveling. We follow designers who listen to their hearts and want to make a difference in the fashion industry, whether that be sustainability, representation, or empowerment.

Emerging fashion designers deserve the platform to be seen and understood in an industry that is so concentrated with high-end, well known designers. We share their stories, backgrounds, inspirations, and designs in hopes of connecting one another in ways we have never seen before. 

Coming soon... The AUBI MUNDO shop. You will find special, limited edition designs from various designers around the world. We are working with a few designers to create a line for AUBI MUNDO to highlight their background and culture. Each designer will share a piece of themselves and their culture through their line with us. Designers' lines offered at AUBI MUNDO will be produced in limited quantities. 

Meet Alyssa Contreras

Alyssa Contreras, the founder of AUBI MUNDO, is a tricultural Mexican, Cuban, American woman born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Her mother's side is Cuban, and her father's side is Mexican. She created AUBI MUNDO because her heritage, along with others was always something that intrigued her. She was always curious to learn different perspectives and ways of living. Traveling and fashion are two of her biggest passions. She created a brand where the two concepts fused. 
She founded AUBI MUNDO to provide a unique platform for connecting emerging designers worldwide. Eventually, creating the AUBI MUNDO shop where fashion designers can share a part of their heritage and roots with the world. 

The meaning behind AUBI MUNDO


The name AUBI is inspired by Alyssa's grandmother, Regina Don. 
Growing up, Alyssa would call her grandmother "Aubi". Regina immigrated to California from Cuba at 19-years-old. Her strength, utter determination, and grace in facing hardships are qualities Alyssa hopes to share across AUBI MUNDO's platform by connecting other strong, like-minded individuals from various backgrounds. People coming together to share their stories will create a closer, better-understood world. AUBI MUNDO was created during Alyssa's final year in graduate school. Her grandmother has always embedded the importance of education and following one's dreams. 
"I came to this country to give you and your siblings opportunities I never had."


"Mundo" means "world" in Spanish. As we continue to learn about new designers, we become more connected worldwide. The world is massive with many unique, hidden stories. As we dive deeper, we will travel the world through fashion.