Ulma Madina

Founder: Almudena 🇪🇸

Almudena, the founder of Ulma Madina, is a Spanish abaya fashion designer based in Dubai. Almudena was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. She had a passion for travel and fashion at a young age. After studying business administration in Germany, she seized the opportunity to move to Dubai and become a flight attendant. She met people from all walks of life and traveled to over 60 countries.


After moving to Dubai and seeing the world, Almudena found her love for various cultures and fashions this world has to offer. Seeing the different trends, fabrics, patterns and traditional outfits in countries like Africa and Asia inspired her to think about a career in the fashion industry. Fashion had always been a part of her childhood. Almudena’s grandmother taught her how to knit and sew. She recalls times when they would get together and create beautiful dresses.

Once the pandemic hit, Almudena devoted her time learning more about her passion for Middle Eastern fashion and culture. More specifically, the Abaya and Khaleeji fashion.


Ulma Madina is a sustainable and modest fashion brand that creates clothing for women who like to dress modest and modern at the same time. This brand seeks to modernize the traditional black abaya, worn mostly by women in the Arab Gulf region, into new shapes and colors.

“I wanted to create abayas with a cosmopolitan touch. I first got inspired by the Bisht (a cloth that Arab men in the Gulf wear for their wedding). I also get inspiration from the Emirati women, who always look stylish and elegant.” (Almudena)


Ulma Madena's mission is to celebrate diverse women through sustainable and modest fashion. Ulma Madina creates made-to-order abayas. Her customers receive customized, unique, and one-of-a-kind abayas, promoting sustainability, exclusivity, and individuality. Ulma Madina’s designs have traveled borders to various countries, such as Spain, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Singapore.


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