Founder: Charlotte Schmidt 🇩🇪

Charlotte Schmidt, the founder of PLAN@WHY, is a 20-year-old designer from Germany. She began her sustainable, innovative, and unique brand in 2020. She always knew her love for fashion, art, and creating would be her future. Her parents are both owners of their own company, so Charlotte always knew she wanted to follow in their footsteps. Being an artist and creator is in her blood. Her mother’s side of the family all grew up to be artists. She was always encouraged to pursue her dreams, so at the beginning of 2019, she began thinking of how she wanted to start her brand, PLAN@WHY.


Growing up, Charlotte’s love for fashion began at a young age when she would raid her mother’s closet for unique clothes and statement pieces. In 8th grade, she landed an internship with Erich Steuert, an extremely talented designer who specialized in pattern maker in Germany. He taught her the importance of knowing how to sew when pattern making, to be a successful designer. Now, Charlotte is working towards her fashion degree in Munich while working on expanding her brand.

Sustainability is extremely important to Charlotte and PLANATWHY. Charlotte finds beauty in everything. Some of PLANATWHY’s sustainable practices include utilizing deadstock fabric, which are the fabrics that get thrown away because they are seen as “imperfect” and creating less waste the least amount of waste as possible.


“A big focus for my brand is that it is very high quality and sewn properly… I think it is really important that when you buy something, it lasts a long time. I also really like the idea that you can (if you want) pass it on to your children or someone else… and not just have a seasonal item.” (Charlotte)


Charlotte is inspired by new things every day. She is a creative and artist that is full of thoughts and ideas that she creates into reality. She keeps a piece of paper by her bed every night so she does not miss a thought or inspiration that comes to her. She is inspired by different eras and icons such as David Bowie and Mick Jagger. She also finds inspiration in the little things such as her environment, architecture, nature, and even her dreams. Charlotte seeks to create pieces she has always wished for and wanted herself. She creates clothes for the individual who wants to be seen.


“I create clothes for people who really care about sustainability… I always found it hard to find something nice, different, and sustainable statement pieces.” (Charlotte)

Instagram: @planatwhy

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