Label M.L.

Founder: Mette van Zoest 🇳🇱

Label M.L. is a made-to-order, all-inclusive, sustainable brand launching in April 2021. Mette van Zoest, the founder of Label M.L., is 18 years old and from a small town just outside of Groningen, Netherlands. Mette’s journey into the fashion world began at a young age in a small study room with her mother. Mette’s mother taught her the basics of creating clothes on an old sewing machine. As Mette’s love for fashion began to grow, she began learning more and more through experimenting, videos, and books.


Label M.L.’s first collection is inspired by two memories. First, her time spent in Norway while she was on holiday with her family. She and her family came across a small, fairy-like town with white houses, clear blue water, and beautiful flowers. Second, while growing up, Mette would repair her father’s old shirts that would either shrink or tear. If they were irreparable, she would create new articles of clothing out of them. These two memories combined inspired the color palette and articles of clothing in Label M.L.’s first collection. 


“I hope I can create a label with an atmosphere in which everyone feels proud of who they are and how they look.” (Mette)


Mette hopes to lead the fashion industry into its evolution towards sustainability and slow fashion. A few years ago, Mette learned the devastating effects the fashion industry has on the environment. Label M.L. uses recycled, vintage, and leftover fabrics for each collection to reduce the environmental impact. Mette creates timeless pieces that do not necessarily fit in trends because they outlive them. 

“I hope people become more conscious of the clothes they wear and buy…. (I hope) that people ask themselves the question: If I love it so much, will I wear it over and over again?” (Mette)



Instagram: label.m.l

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