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Julianna is a 20-year-old fashion student from the Caribbean. She is a multiethnic woman of color raised in a multicultural society. Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, she was introduced to various ethnic groups, which allowed her to immerse herself in diverse practices, festivals, foods, arts, songs, and dances. Because of this, she has carried different perspectives into her life and fashion career. Julianna’s background and heritage influence her designs in numerous ways, such as saturated colors, bold prints, beading, weaving, and textile design.


“I always find a way to incorporate ideas and concepts associated with the Caribbean, more specifically Trinidad and Tobago, into my work. I feel it provides the opportunity to showcase my identity… It also presents a means of subliminally educating my target audience on my culture.” (Julianna)


Julianna was born into a family of creatives consisting of musicians, artists, world-renowned chefs, florists, and fashion designers. Her love for designing clothes began unknowingly at a young age. She enjoyed creating custom, unique clothes for her Barbie dolls out of ribbon, tape, and scrunchies. Julianna explored this passion in secondary school by taking a textile design and manipulation class. However, once completing secondary school, it was time to choose an area of study for her future career. Julianna was pushed into the study of law. As time passed, Julianna became very unhappy and disenchanted with the thought of becoming a lawyer. One day, Julianna watched an episode of Project Runway. She knew right then and there that she needed to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Julianna decided to jump into the deep end. She dropped out of her law studies and signed up for sewing classes to learn the basics. She followed her heart, knowing that pursuing a career in fashion would make her feel fulfilled.


Today, Julianna is living her dream. She takes inspiration from concepts and experiences that individuals can universally identify with while putting in her Caribbean twist to make it more personal. She wants to create innovative, unique, and glamorous clothes that push the boundaries of fashion. In order to achieve this, Julianna aims to focus on her use of textiles.


“I believe that technology and interdisciplinary work are needed to achieve this. Technology fills the gaps that humans cannot accomplish during the design process, allowing me to produce designs beyond my wildest dreams, and work with materials viewed as unconventional and impractical within the industry.” (Julianna)


Julianna Almandoz is an emerging luxury womenswear brand. Julianna creates clothes for empowered women who want to feel unique and glamorous. She strives to create garments that are “effortlessly chic with Caribbean flavor”. Julianna creates garments for real women, despite age or size, because fashion should be for all.

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